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Wer dem Link folgt, findet einen richtig starken neuen Song von Listener:

Little Folded Fingers

Und hier ist gleich noch einer:

There's Money In The Walls
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Boah, die Lieder sind beide ganz wunderbar. Sollte in diesem Jahr noch ein neues Album von der Truppe kommen, gibt es einen aussichtsreichen Kandidaten mehr für die oberen Plätze der Charts, prophezeie ich.
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Wolf Down sind (oder besser waren) eine Band, die ich bis auf eine B-Seite einer Split mit BoySetsFire nie gehört habe. Solche Geschichten verfolge ich trotzdem immer mit Interesse:

You may or may not have heard of the accusations that are spreading around the internet about a member of our band. As it is a topic, that is very sensitive and important to us, we don't want to leave it without our comment. We want to express a trigger warning, as this post mentions sexual abuse and rape. Therefore, we are going to separate this introduction from the message itself now by putting some space in between.
Last night, two womyn, who had been in different kinds of relationships with our guitarist Tobi, went public with accusations against him for sexual abuse and rape. We are writing this post in the knowledge, that the affected persons demand accounting from our side. Tobi had told us earlier and given his way of dealing with the accusations, we chose to let him speak:
"I met the person that holds the accusations against me, last year in February. During that time, I have to admit, that my sexual self-reflection concerning the right approach to consensual sex had not yet been brought to the same level as my otherwise radical-leftwing convictions. I feel ashamed for that. Before having sex for the first time, we hadn't talked about our own negative experiences concerning sex, we hadn't talked about our wishes and, most importantly, about our personal no-go's. I acted nonreflective and without consideration of the consequences; it never came to my mind that it was wrong to think "if something doesn't please my partner, she will let me know", that the guideline shouldn't be "no means no", but "yes means yes" and anything less is in fact a "no". And I was as stubborn as to not simply accept her not feeling well about things, but keeping on discussing with her about it. So basically, during that time I did things to her for which I didn't ask for her consent, during otherwise nonverbally consensual sex. I am not going into detail out of respect for her own privacy. However, I never noticed that she was feeling bad and I feel incredibly shortsighted not having noticed. Some time later, she told me, that she had been a victim of sexual abuse and rape in childhood and encountered rape by another man before, while she was passed out drunk. She was the first person in my life, who told me about such things from a first hand perspective, so obviously (but yet so unknowingly hypocritical) I was shocked and didn't really know how to deal with that information. With great shame, I also have to admit that I didn't realize what my own behavior had meant to her until a few weeks ago. Given the fact, that we had been a couple for months after that, until this years April, having sex, discussing politics, feminist issues and even my behavior, going on holiday together and such, has nothing to do with a slow process of her realizing, what I had done to her. I learnt, that the persons realization of what abusive behavior had meant to her, can take a long time, even years.
As a consequence of that, I have to admit to have taken her accusations way too lightly. I had apologized to her and told her, I wouldn't make those same mistakes again. She even mentioned, she could "forgive, but not forget". Hence she broke up with me and as it was a slow process for her, too, she confronted me about it only by April - after months of having referred to what I had done as a "trigger", she now called it a type of rape. Being confronted with the term first, I was shocked and my reaction was defensive. By now, I changed my mind about it. Two weeks ago, we had a fight in which I used inconsiderate explanations, that sounded like a justification of my actions, but were not meant as such, so things started escalating.
These incidents were not the only incidents in my past relationships that I have to account for, there has been accusations about mentally abusive behavior from my side with other women, too. As woman #2 mentioned in the outing-post, I have to account for a very common problem in heterosexual sexual relationships, which is being a part of fucked up asymetrical power relations and expectations between man and woman. It feels surreal, that I've been calling myself a feminist for years, but played a part in fucked up patriarchal mechanisms and rape culture. A culture that teaches men to take "what is theirs" without asking and that blames women for the consequences. A culture that pressures men to take the active role and forces women to take the passive one. I deeply apologize for that.
I wouldn't ever want to justify anything I did, I would never want to be one of the assholes that deny or trivialise their actions. I take all the blame for my actions and I'm the only one, who is to blame.
It is incredibly painful to realize, that I have hurt womyn in such a bad way. I do realize however, that the pain I feel is ridiculously petty to the pain I inflicted. I feel deeply sorry in the name of all womyn who have ever been subjected to male violence. And I do think that the private realm is political, most of all being part of a band with political aspirations. I could never deny what I did, most of all because my moral and political principles stay the same, I still stand against patriarchy and I still support the feminist struggle, even if I had to realize that I have been everything I despised for so long, that I played my own part in a system that degrades women and is responsible for their death.
What I'm doing now is consulting a psychotherapist and reflecting on my own abusive behavior, educating myself about the topic, trying and learning about the correct way of having sexual intercourse in a consensual way. I will face the consequences of my behavior, I have to make sure that I will never again hurt another person in a similar way. The women I have been with recently can prove my honest and genuine intentions of accounting for my actions and can also prove that I am changing for the better. But it's still a long way to go.
If this sparks some discussion within the hardcore scene, it's long overdue. Sexual assaults at hardcore and punk shows are happening and have to be talked about. Verbally articulated consent is an important thing. Creating an atmosphere, that makes it easy to speak out doubts or rejections. An atmosphere where both parties know, that they're respected and that only "yes means yes". Everything I failed to create.
As a consequence of that, I will be withdrawing from my position as a guitarist for Wolf Down. Please take into consideration that this issue is a very sensitive matter to the women affected, so be respectful and think twice before posting."
Even though Tobi informed us recently we as a band did not act public in respect to the victims. We wanted to leave the decision to them, since their voices are the ones that matter the most. We distance ourselves from his behaviour and stand with the victims. The consequences we are taking are not a reaction to the outing but a result of reflecting on the situation.
Now being additionally faced with the accusations against Sven we (Dave & Pascal) came to the conclusion that Wolf Down can no longer be a band.

Quelle: Facebook-Seite der Band
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Kenne die auch nur vom Namen, aber krasse Geschichte. Klingt auch nach einer aufrichtigen und reflektieren Stellungnahme und nicht nach Schadensbegrenzung.
Weiß man, was es mit den Beschuldigen dieses Svens auf sich hat?
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Nein, konnte ich auch nix zu rausfinden.
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Auf Facebook wurde dazu einiges an Diskussionen bereits ausgetragen. Viele sind mit dem Statement nicht zufrieden, weil ja offenbar die beiden Typen trotz des Wissens um die Umstände weiterhin für einige Zeit in der Band geblieben sind (und, sollten sich die Vorwürfe gegen den Drummer auch bewahrheiten, ja selbst einen guten Teil der tragenden Kraft ausgemacht haben). Damit sind also die beiden Übrigen gewissermaßen mitschuldig. Auflösung ist letztendlich die einzige Möglichkeit gewesen.
Die ehemalige Sängerin Larissa hat übrigens auch noch einen Post veröffentlicht, der die Darstellungen untermauert.

Eine sehr harte Sache für die Opfer und für mich persönlich auch definitiv nicht schade um die Band. Denen habe ich seit Larissas Ausstieg und dem Hype danach ihre "militant" politische Einstellung sowieso nicht abgekauft (Nike-Schuhe in Zeitlupe in einem Musikvideo, wo es um militanten Widerstand geht, beispielsweise).
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Was war denn nun mit dem Drummer?
28.07.2017 | 13:08 » Moderation benachrichtigen
wenn ich mich richtig erinnere wurden sowohl im "Outing-Post" als auch in Larissas Statement ähnliche Vorwürfe gegen den Drummer erhoben.
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Ich bin bis zu "it was wrong to think "if something doesn't please my partner, she will let me know", that the guideline shouldn't be "no means no", but "yes means yes" and anything less is in fact a "no"" gekommen und musste mich schon aufregen.
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Being you seems pretty hard.
28.07.2017 | 15:20 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Mag die Sinnesfeindlichkeit der neuen "Linken" halt nicht, da mir die puritanistischen Elemente & deren Folge für Mentalhyngiene allzu bekannt sind. (Ändert nix daran dass nonkonsensueller Sex unerhörter Scheißdreck ist.)
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Gute Diskussion.

Fantastisch sehnende Band zwischen Pop-Punk, Emo und Post-Hardcore, viele Sachen name your price, sehr guter Sänger, einfach all-around sehr tolle Stimmung. Empfehle die mal Powder (auch wenn quasi nicht geschriien wird) & Nine (remember Hawthorne Heights?), bzw. allen, die sich angesprochen fühlen. Erinnern mich ein wenig an Just Surrender auf deren Erstling, aber mehr Poppunk als die. Bin begeistert; haben leider kein physisches Zeug (nix CDs, LPs oder Shirts).

Zuletzt geändert von Alphex 29.07.2017 05:36

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Ja die sind gar nicht schlecht. Der Gesang ist mir zwar hier und da ein wenig zu sehr ins Schema gepresst und lässt Dynamik vermissen, aber musikalisch fühle ich mich auch an frühe Funeral For A Friend erinnert.
29.07.2017 | 13:40 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Wieso fand ich FFAF immer scheiße, obwohl die sehr oft erwähnt werden? Die schreien ab und zu sehr typisch frühe Nullerjahre-mäßig rum, oder, kann das sein? Irgendwas war da. Sonst wäre evtl. Urteilskorrektur nötig? :')
29.07.2017 | 15:58 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Frühe FFAF lasse mich aufhorchen.
29.07.2017 | 16:26 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Also mit frühe FFAF meinte ich eher die Licks und subtilen Maiden-Melodien.

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Racquet Club - Head Full Of Bees

Blair von Knapsack singt, Sergie von Samiam spielt Gitarre. Wer mehr Infos braucht, wird vermutlich nicht ganz so drauf stehen wie Fans der genannten Bands. Ich persönlich find's super. Album kommt im September.
19.08.2017 | 08:00 » Moderation benachrichtigen

Dirt Forge - Soothsayer
Doom-Sludge aus Dänemark.
Referenzen: High on Fire, Down
22.08.2017 | 11:24 » Moderation benachrichtigen

weiß ehrlich nicht, was ich davon halten soll :hm: einfach nur "Sellout!" zu rufen würde dem wohl auch nicht gerecht werden. Aber Punk ist das auch nicht mehr.
22.08.2017 | 11:31 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Ich find's witzig. Die Musik und Wrestling passen ganz gut zusammen, finde ich, kann man schon machen. Wenn dann in den Bands möglicherweise auch noch Wrestling-Fans sind, finde ich es völlig verständlich, dass die in dem Rahmen auftreten.

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